Umwelt und Ressourcen

Projekt: OECD Country Case Study: Knowledge Triangle Policies and Practices in Germany


01/2016 - 06/2016 (abgeschlossen)


Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung/Projektträger DLR

Projektteam (RWI)

Dr. Jochen Dehio, Dr. Michael Rothgang (Leitung)


Fraunhofer ISI


In this project, a German country case study to the OECD Knowledge Triangle (KT) Project is developed. The case study consists of two parts: Part 1 addresses five questions with respect to KT policies and strategies at the country level. In Part 2, the KT policies and practices in selected higher education institutions are examined. The German country case study emphasizes the driving factors of KT development, especially the influential factors from the international level. In addition, the case study addresses, how the interaction between different levels of policies and strategies (international, national, Federal state level and local) influences the development of KT/different local KTs in Germany and the role of the technology transfer “via heads”. The country case study has two targets: First, it gives an input to the OECD KT project and the comparison of policies and practices between the participating OECD countries. Secondly, the country case study displays the present status, developments and driving factors of KT in Germany.