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The Senegal Migration Panel: Understanding Mobility in a Climate-Stressed Population

In an interdisciplinary team of economists, sociologist, and political scientist, the project plans to analyzes the influence of climate change on attitudes towards migration and actual migration decisions using the example of Senegal. Via comprehensive surveys of individuals and households in 150 Senegalese villages, different factors influencing migration decisions will be analyzed: the relevance of extreme weather events, the role of local networks and their narratives about climate change, economic pressures as well as a change in the demand for skills by the labor market due to climate change.


Currently there are no publications available for this project

Project start:
01. January 2023

Project end:
31. December 2025

Project staff:
Dr. Cara Ebert, Dr. Maximiliane Sievert, Prof. Dr. Jörg Ankel-Peters, Bernd Beber PhD, Prof. Dr. Kati Krähnert, Ashwini Dabadge, Nils Haveresch, Prof. Dr. Thomas K. Bauer

Project partners:
Institut für Weltwirtschaft, Potsdam-Institut für Klimafolgenforschung (PIK), Universität Potsdam