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Climate Change, Development and Migration

Economic Policy Lab

The Economic Policy Lab "Climate Change, Development and Migration" is a dynamic platform that links research activities on the three eponymous future topics. The core activities take place at RWI, but the Policy Lab is also firmly anchored at Ruhr-University Bochum (RUB). The organisation offers lively structures to bring together researchers at RWI and at neighbouring universities and institutes. The Policy Lab is characterised by the interdependence of its topics, and so its research also deals with the interactions between climate, development and migration. The Policy Lab focusses in particular on the interface between science and society. To this end, the Policy Lab also applies meta-scientific methods and analyses the role of science in the debates with independent research projects. This holistic approach reflects the social relevance of the topics and the transformations they will bring in the coming decades.


For this project, the Policy Lab brings together different research groups, areas of expertise and researchers at RWI. It pursues the R.W.I. triad:

Research with Impact

The Policy Lab follows this classic RWI approach. Like the entire RWI, it strives for scientific excellence, but always with a focus on applied and socially relevant issues. By analysing practice- and policy-oriented questions, it aims to initiate and deepen social debates.

Ruhr area with Impact

As part of a dynamic science centre, the Policy Lab offers an interdisciplinary platform to bundle social and economic research in the region on the topics of climate change, development and migration. It therefore works together with research institutions, political and civil society actors in the region.

Review with Impact

Due to their social relevance, research findings in the fields of climate change, development and migration often provide important stimuli for social debates. The Policy Lab uses meta-scientific methods to analyse this interface between science, society and politics.


This triad creates an internationally visible, regionally anchored and internationally networked centre for innovative climate, development and migration research.