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RWI's mission: Research with impact 

RWI - Leibniz Institute for Economic Research is a leading center for scientific research and evidence-based policy advice in Germany. Our work bridges the gap between cutting-edge academic research and practical policy-making by making scientific findings the basis for economic policy advice.  

The spectrum of our topics ranges from the labor market, education and health to public finance, growth and the business cycle, energy and climate as well as development and sustainability. Our research is independent and committed to excellence. It engages with the national and international competition of ideas.  

RWI's aspiration is to conduct "Research with impact", where "iImpact" is to be understood in a threefold sense: First, due to its practical relevance, RWI's research has the potential to have a political impact. Second, its research meets the highest scientific standards and is therefore regularly published in leading academic journals (with a high impact factor). Third, empirical impact evaluation is a cross-cutting core competence of the Institute and often the central challenge of research projects.  

We see ourselves as constructive but critical advisors to decision-makers in politics and business. Our services are aimed at all social groups, regardless of their political orientation. We educate the public about economic interrelationships and prepare the basis for an informed economic policy debate. Our conviction is that economics is everyone's business. We are also a service provider for the scientific community and make a wide range of data available for non-commercial research via the FDZ Ruhr.  

For our junior staff, we offer high-quality training in which both practical relevance and scientific qualification are given high priority. The flexible organizational structure enables us to react quickly to changes in the research environment. Our employees work in a family-friendly environment, as recognized by the Work and Family Certificate. The goal of equal opportunities guides our actions.