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rwi consult

What is rwi consult GmbH?

rwi consult GmbH is a consulting company for customer-oriented economic consulting. It uses the knowledge and research results of the "RWI  Leibniz Institute for Economic Research" to intensify the transfer of research results into economy and practice.

What does the consulting offer include?

Among other services 

  • Analyses at the company-, sectoral-, regional- or macroeconomic level and embedding in international developments, 
  • Assessment of the prospects of key industries (energy, logistics, automotive, pharmaceuticals, etc.), 
  • Analysis of regional economic indicators and regional market developments (real estate and rental prices, consumption indices), 
  • Model-based forecasts of consumption and future demand (energy, real estate), especially on a small-scale level (for real estate development companies, asset management companies, energy providers), 
  • Analysis of competition-economic effects of market structures and their changes, empirical analyses in judicial competition proceedings, 
  • Evaluation of market regulations (market access, licensing, competition, tariffs and prices), 
  • Setting up customized survey concepts, conducting surveys and analyzing large data sets.