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RWI pursues the following goals in the areas of equal opportunities and work and family:

  • Sustained increase in the proportion of women as specialists and managers
  • Improving access and promotion conditions for women
  • Targeted career advancement of women working at the institute
  • Consideration of family obligations and compatibility of family and career for all employees

Equal opportunities

Equal opportunities for women and men as well as the compatibility of family and career are of particular concern to RWI. Thus, the Institute supports the Leibniz Association's goals on equal opportunities and has committed itself to complying with the DFG's "Research-Oriented Equality Standards". With an active equal opportunity policy, RWI aims to improve career opportunities for women in science and increase the proportion of female managers. To this end, an equal opportunity plan with flexible target quotas (so-called cascade model) is regularly drawn up on the basis of an actual analysis of the employee structure, which is evaluated and updated every 4 years. Equal opportunity at RWI is a task of the institute's management, supported by the equal opportunity officers. 

The Equal Opportunity Officer and her deputies from the scientific and non-scientific areas accompany personnel, social and organizational measures with a view to respecting equal opportunities.  and are They also serve as contact persons for the institute members in case of individual questions. They cooperate with other equal opportunity officers; the RWI Equal Opportunity Officer is a member of the Leibniz Association's Equal Opportunity Working Group. In addition, she has an annual budget from which she can finance appropriate measures, such as care emergencies, further training on topics of equality and career promotion, or mentoring programs for female scientists.

RWI rejects any kind of discrimination and abuse and has implemented appropriate procedures and regulations for their prevention, detection and processing.

Reconciling family and career

With its family-conscious institutionale culture, RWI makes a contribution contributes to supporting employees in a wide variety of life and family phases. As the holder of the permanent "audit berufundfamilie" certificate, the Institute is committed to continuing to makinge its existing family-friendly measures transparent and visible and to actively supporting the compatibility of family and career. This explicitly addresses both men and women, so that all employees can fulfill their roles within the family. 

Equal Opportunity Officers

Katharina Nowak-Mohr

Equal Opportunity Officer


Andrea Cassel

Deputy Equal Opportunities Officer


Dr. Cara Ebert

Deputy Equal Opportunities Officer