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Prof. Dr. Kati Krähnert

Phone: +49 (0)201 / 81 49-0

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Kati Krähnert is a researcher in the Economic Policy Lab "Climate Change, Development and Migration" at RWI and Professor of Climate Change and Development at Ruhr University Bochum.
She studies the effects of climate change on the lives of individuals in the Global South. In doing so, she considers various dimensions of human well-being, such as income, wealth, land ownership, nutrition, education and health. Another research focus is the evaluation of climate adaptation instruments, in particular weather insurance for smallholder farm households and humanitarian aid delivered in the context of extreme weather events.
Her research mainly builds on new, carefully designed household surveys, which she collects with her team and in cooperation with local partners. Completed, ongoing and upcoming data collections are taking place in Mongolia, Kyrgyz Republic, Ghana, Senegal and Vietnam.

Kati Krähnert studied social anthropology and economics at Free University Berlin and Wake Forest University (US) and received her doctorate in agricultural economics from Humboldt University Berlin. Her research results have been published in the journals Demography, the American Journal of Agricultural Economics and World Development, among others.