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Pflegeheim Rating Report 2022: Der Pflegemarkt unter Druck - Zeit für Veränderung

The Nursing Home Rating Report 2022 is the 8th report of the series. The main goal of this report is to provide and improve transparency in the German care market, particularly in the market for inpatient care. Derived from this, the aim is to provide decision-makers at various levels (nursing homes and their business partners, politics, health insurances, banks and investors) with empirically validated findings about this market. For the current report, 427 financial statements are analyzed, covering a total of 2 113 nursing homes. Moreover, official data from the Federal Statistical Office of all about 14 700 nursing homes and 15 400 outpatient services are examined. As in previous years, this report is supplemented by additional contributions from experts in the field. The contributions cover a range of topics, including the profitability of inpatient facilities against the backdrop of the German Care Reform in 2021, insights into the concept of assisted living as an alternative concept to nursing homes – including a description of options for action –, how management executives asses the current and future financial situation of care providers under consideration of the current COVID-19 pandemic, and the capacity for innovation within the not-for-profit social economy.

Project start:
01. January 2021

Project end:
31. December 2021

Project management:
Dr. Dörte Heger, Dr. Ingo Kolodziej

Project staff:
Prof. Dr. Boris Augurzky, Johannes Hollenbach, Dr. Christiane Wuckel, Daniel Monsees

Project partners:
Institute for Health Care Business GmbH