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NLP in Education Research: Development of the German higher education market since the 1970s

The aim of this project is to describe the development of the German higher education landscape over the past 50 years and how these affected educational choices and (regional) labor markets. In a second step, this project will develop policy recommendations for the tertiary education sector. For this purpose, extensive textual data on the German higher education market will be digitized and systematically analyzed using NLP and ML methods. Through close cooperation between higher education economists and computer scientists, this project will also suppport the development of economists' competencies in the area of text analysis.

Workshop website

Call for papers: Studi-BUCH Interdisciplinary Text-As-Data Workshop
Grant number: 16DKWN139A - Studi-BUCH



Currently there are no publications available for this project

Project start:
01. October 2022

Project end:
30. September 2025

Project management:
Friederike Hertweck PhD

Project staff:
Serife Yasar

Project partners:
Prof. Dr. Stefan Conrad

Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung