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NEWCOMERS project deliverables


Mark A. Andor, Julia Blasch, Ivana Milev, Masa Mlinaric, Delia Niehues, Andreja Smole, Stephan Sommer, Lukas Tomberg, Bianca Vermeer

Success of interventions to stimulate conservation behaviour and load shifting in new clean energy communities

NEWCOMERS deliverable 5.2 Version 2.0, WP5: Potential to stimulate conservation behaviour and demand response

In its most recent Energy Union package, the European Union puts citizens at the core of the clean energy transitions. Beyond policy, disruptive innovations in energy sectors are challenging the traditional business model of large energy utilities. One such disruptive, social innovation is the emergence of new clean energy communities (“NEWCOMERS”). The possible benefits of these “NEWCOMERS” for their members and for society at large are still emerging and their potential to support the goals of the Energy Union is unclear. Using a highly innovative holistic approach – drawing on cutting edge theories and methods from a broad range of social sciences coupled with strong technical knowledge and industry insight – the NEWCOMERS consortium will analyse European energy communities from various angles. By taking an interdisciplinary approach and through employing co-creation strategies, in which research participants are actively involved in the design and implementation of the research, the NEWCOMERS project will deliver practical recommendations about how the European Union as well as national and local governments can support new clean energy communities to help them flourish and unfold their potential benefits for citizens and the Energy Union.


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