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Working Women and Labour Market Inequality

This project provides a comprehensive overview of gender (in)equality in European labour markets. It consists of a thorough descriptive analysis of women’s labour market position across European Member States. Furthermore, more detailed case studies aim at identifying factors that may explain cross?country disparities and will analyse to what extent education systems, the provision of affordable childcare, taxation policies as well as cultural and historic norms concerning gender roles are correlated with women’s labour market participation and the level of gender equality prevalent in the selected countries. The lessons for economic policy will be discussed in the light of the statistical analysis and a number of key actions which could be undertaken at EU and national level will be identified.

Project start:
01. February 2018

Project end:
31. July 2018

Project management:
Peggy Bechara, Prof. Dr. Ronald Bachmann

Project staff:
Anica Kramer, Merve Cim

Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies