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Replications and Comments in Economics

Replication is essential for scientific process. While publications and the prestige of the journals in which they appear receive considerable attention in the economics profession, the post-publishing discussion usually falls short. In this project, we ask whether such a post-publication discussion is needed. Economists mostly use quantitative methods that deliver precise results. If published papers live up to the natural science like standards that are often associated with hypothesis testing, a post-publication discussion might not be needed. If, in contrast, quantitative results are achieved by making many qualitative decisions or even by using questionable research practices like small sample sized or p-hacking, more post-publication review is needed. We approach this question by reviewing a) how much replication is being done in economics and b) published comments in the American Economic Review, the field’s leading journal.

Project start:
01. September 2020

Project end:

Project staff:
Prof. Dr. Jörg Peters, Florian Neubauer, Prof. Dr. Nathan Fiala

Project partners:
University of Connecticut