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Follow-up study for the analysis of marginal employment

The project aims at providing a descriptive analysis of marginal employment in North Rhine-Westphalia. The results are directly comparable to a previous study conducted by RWI in 2012, which allows to draw conclusions on changes over time. In order to gain detailed information on different aspects of marginal employment, two surveys are conducted, one covering employees and the other one covering employers offering marginal employment. The employee survey sheds light on the characteristics of marginally employed individuals, their working conditions and their motives to take up marginal employment. The employer survey investigates the motives that employers have for offering marginal employment and provides evidence on the concession of workers’ rights. In addition, the study focuses on the effects of a governmental campaign aimed at informing workers about their rights, changes in the institutional framework (esp. with respect to pension contributions) and the introduction of the statutory minimum wage.

Project start:
01. June 2016

Project end:
30. November 2016

Project management:
Dr. Hanna Frings, Prof. Dr. Ronald Bachmann

Project staff:
Wolfgang Dürig, Dr. Philipp Breidenbach, Lea Eilers, Dr. Lisa Höckel, Dr. Fernanda Martínez-Flores, Dr. Sandra Schaffner

Ministerium für Arbeit, Integration und Soziales des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen