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Digital key technologies for ecologically sustainable business: evaluation of ecological sustainability potentials

The objective of this study is to create an evidence base that enables digital technology-based solutions to be increasingly used in the leading sectors of the German economy to reduce the negative impact on environmental sustainability. Therefore, a qualitative market analysis will be used to evaluate which solutions (products and services) based on key digital technologies are available in the German economy that promise to reduce the negative sectoral impact on environmental sustainability. In addition, a quantitative market sizing of both the ecological sustainability potentials of these products and the economic value creation potentials will be performed. In this way, it will be evaluated how ecological sustainability can be strategically used to create value in individual sectors. RWI's task within the project consortium is quantitative market sizing. Based on the analyses, design options will be developed for policymakers and industry on how the availability of appropriate solutions can be extended to other sectors and what steps should be taken to ensure greater market availability of the digital technologies under consideration across the leading sectors.


Currently there are no publications available for this project

Project start:
01. September 2022

Project end:
31. December 2022

Project management:
Dr. Michael Rothgang

Project staff:
Dr. Jochen Dehio, Ronald Janßen-Timmen

Project partners:
Wuppertal Institut für Klima, Umwelt, Energie GmbH

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