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The Integration Barometer is a representative public survey of people with and without a migration background in Germany. It measures the integration climate in Germany as an immigration country and captures the population’s perceptions and expectations with regard to integration and migration as well as integration and migration policy (Homepage: The Expert Council on Integration and Migration).

The data of the Integration Barometer 2016, 2018, 2020 and 2022 are provided by the FDZ Ruhr to researchers. The data sets are available for non-commercial research as Scientific Use File at the FDZ Ruhr. For information on data access please follow this link.

For more information, please refer to the respective DOI and the links to the Methods report.


SVR-Integrationsbarometer 2016

Methods report

DOI: 10.7807/SVR_INT.v1

SVR-Integrationsbarometer 2018

Methods report

DOI: 10.7807/SVR_INT.v2

SVR-Integrationsbarometer 2020

Methods report

DOI: 10.7807/SVR_INT.v3  

SVR-Integrationsbarometer 2022

Methods report

DOI: 10.7807/SVR_INT.v4

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