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Here you will find an overview and further information about the FDZ Ruhr's support services for research data management.

Research data management

To conduct research at a high level and according to the rules of good scientific practice, precise research data management is of particular importance. Therefore, most research-funding institutions have now included the handling of research data in their guidelines and expect information on research data management, even during the application process. The FDZ Ruhr therefore accompanies RWI researchers in all aspects of research data management and supports them in all questions concerning the research data life cycle - from planning data collection to preparing a data management plan to the research data publication.



What needs to be considered an when does it needs to be considered?

In the different phases of a research project, aspects such as subject-specific standards and established methods must be considered in time, which we point out in our support offer. The FDZ Ruhr is happy to support you in all aspects of research data management.



If you have any questions about research data management, please contact Philip Raatz:

Any questions?