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SSRN Research Paper Series


Antonia Schwarz, Anna Stünzi, Kathrin Kaestner, Michael Pahle, Stephan Sommer

Tailored Information and the Public Support for Carbon Pricing

Public support for carbon pricing is crucial for effective greenhouse gas mitigation. Tailored and targeted communication is proposed as a remedy, potentially more effective than general information. This study, utilizing novel German survey data, examines whether video-based information tailored to individuals' carbon pricing concerns outperforms generic content. Results confirm targeted information significantly boosts support, primarily due to cost-related content. However, fairness and effectiveness information doesn't surpass generic videos. While not consistently increasing support, targeted information reduces strong opposition, providing valuable insights for policy acceptance.


JEL-Klassifikation: Q58, H23, D83

DOI: 10.2139/ssrn.4757636