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Untangled – Untangling the impacts of technological transformations, globalisation and demographic change to foster shared prosperity in Europe

The objective of the UNTANGLED project is three-fold. First, to provide a comparative diagnosis of the individual and combined effects of technological transformations, globalisation and demographic changes on employability, skills, wage and income inequality, as well as labour mobility and migration in the EU. Second, to construct credible, multifaceted scenarios of technological progress and globalisation and their impacts on national, regional and sectoral labour markets and incomes in the EU. Third, to identify policy measures that are conducive to shared prosperity by helping to reap the benefits from these mega-trends and cushioning their negative impacts.

Project start:
01. February 2021

Project end:
31. January 2024

Project management:
Prof. Dr. Ronald Bachmann

Project staff:
Eduard Storm PhD, Myrielle Gonschor, Dr. Sandra Schaffner

Project partners:
Fundacja Naukowa Instytut Badan Strukturalnych, Wiener Institut fur Internationale Wirtschaftsvergleiche, Zentrum für Soziale Innovation, Economic and Social Research Institute, Universita Degli Studi Di Perugia, Politecnico di Milano , Université d'Orléans, Institute of Population and Labor Economics – Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Fundación para la Educación y el Desarrollo, University of Cape Town, Aldgate Strategy Group, Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research

European Commission, Horizon 2020