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Improved Cookstoves and Pico-PV Interventions: Impacts on Employment and Income along the Value Chain

The German International Cooperation (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH), through its program “Poverty-Oriented Basic Energy Services”, promotes the supply of clean, modern energy technologies such as solar lanterns. Many of its projects are implemented under the umbrella of the multi-donor Energising Development (EnDev) initiative. In order to ensure the long-term sustainability of its undertakings, EnDev follows a market-based approach: Small-scale entrepreneurs in the respective value chains are trained in technical, marketing and entrepreneurship skills. While several studies have assessed the benefits of these technologies on end-users, little is known about the impact of such interventions on labor-market outcomes of local entrepreneurs in the value chain of these new technologies. GIZ has assigned RWI to conduct an impact evaluation of the employment and income effects of EnDev activities in two selected countries. The study is intended to provide first rigorous insights into the labor-market impacts of selected energy access interventions. Employment outcomes are assessed both in terms of quantity (e.g. workforce, income level) and quality (e.g. job attributes, types of employment and income stability). EnDev projects to promote improved cookstoves (ICS) and small solar systems (pico-PV) in Tanzania and Kenya were selected for an initial evaluability assessment, conducted from January to March 2015. The main purpose of this evaluability assessment was to assess whether (and how) impacts can be rigorously evaluated for these interventions. On this basis, an appropriate impact evaluation design was developed and implemented in a second phase through-out 2015.

Project start:
01. December 2014

Project end:
31. December 2015

Project management:
Dr. Gunther Bensch, Jochen Kluve

Project staff:
Jonathan Stöterau

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH