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How to Foster Adoption of Electricity and Income Generation in Recently Electrified Areas. A Cluster-Randomized Trial in Rural Rwanda

Despite a significant rollout of the electric grid, electricity usage among household and micro-enterprises in rural Rwanda remains low. This project seeks to answer if the benefits of on-grid electrification can be maximized by the availability of complementary inputs. Specifically,  we study how tailored and bundled Business Development Services including on-time grants for micro-enterprises and cooperatives can stimulate appliance investments, electricity usage intensity, and business performance. We partner with the Rwandan Ministry of Infrastructure to randomly assign the Business Development Services on the village level. The project will inform policy makers on how to increase the effectiveness of electrification interventions in Rwanda and in other countries. This research is part of the Applied Research Programme on Energy for Economic Growth (EEG) led by Oxford Policy Management. The programme is funded by the UK Government, through UK Aid.

Applied Research Programme on Energy for Economic Growth (EEG)


Currently there are no publications available for this project

Project start:
01. January 2018

Project end:
30. June 2021

Project staff:
Prof. Dr. Nathan Fiala, Prof. Dr. Jörg Peters, Dr. Maximiliane Sievert, Lise Masselus

Project partners:
Rwanda Energy Group Ltd., Anicet Munyehirwe, IB&C Rwanda, University of Connecticut

UK Aid