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Bedeutung finanzieller Grundkompetenzen aus regionaler Perspektive

Literature on financial skills shows, that individuals are more likely to make poor decisions on saving and borrowing if basic knowledge in financial matters is low. This research project aims to determine specific characteristics in the population and residential environment which are closely related to regional credit default risk. In the Ruhr area, excessive debt might be an obstacle in overcoming the proceeding structural change. Hence, we investigate, whether and to which extent spatial variation in credit default risk differs between the Ruhr area and the comparative region and how this has changed since 2005.

Project start:
01. April 2019

Project end:
31. December 2019

Project management:
Dr. Sandra Schaffner, Dr. Uwe Neumann

Project staff:
Lea Eilers

Dr. Josef und Brigitte Pauli-Stiftung