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Activation of NATURE-based solutions for a JUST low carbon transition

Although cities are major energy consumers and significantly contribute to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, their high density of socio-economic activity and built environment design creates opportunities for promoting climate protection. As recently recognized by the European Green Deal, European cities can be exemplars in leading the way towards a low-carbon society, while simultaneously addressing several other challenges arising from urbanisation and structural socio-economic changes. Cities represent a complex setting where climate impacts are not distributed evenly. Low income households are more highly exposed to environmental stressors, while environmental amenities are increasingly exclusive to high-income households. Debates on these inequities have gained further traction linked to the recent spread of SARS-CoV-2. The overall objective of JUSTNature is the activation of nature-based solutions (NbS) by ensuring a just transition to low-carbon cities, based on the principle of the right to ecological space. Beyond climate mitigation, this includes the right to clean air and indoor/outdoor thermal comfort for human health and well-being, as well as thriving biodiversity and ecosystems. JUSTNature will contribute to this vision of shaping low-carbon cities by developing a set of typical Low carbon | High air quality NbS interventions in seven European cities. RWI will evaluate these interventions through econometric modelling that draws on georeferenced data sources such as satellite imagery and air quality readings.


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Project start:
01. September 2021

Project end:
30. June 2025

Project management:
Prof. Colin Vance Ph.D.

Project staff:
Dr. Nicole Wägner

Project partners:
Accademia Europea di Bolzano, Technische Universität München, Polytechneio Kritis, Universita ta Malta, Abud Mernokiroda KFT, E2ARC Architecture & Research for Cities, Prospex Institute, IES R&D, Inlecom Innovation Astiki Mi Kerdospkopiki Etaireia, Crowdhelix Ltd., Observa Natura BV, Stichting Isocarp Institute Center of Urban Excellence, Kydon Dimotiki A.E., Landeshauptstadt München, Stad Leuven, Comune di Merano, Comune di Bolzano, Gzira Local Council, Szombathely Megyei Jogú Város Önkormányzata

European Commission, Horizon 2020