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NBER Working Paper Series

Does Temporary Help Work Provide a Stepping Stone to Regular Employment?

Based on administrative data from the federal employment services in Germany, this paper applies statistical matching techniques to estimate the stepping-stone function to regular employment of temporary help work for unemployed job seekers. Our results show that workers who enter temporary help work from registered unemployment do not enjoy subsequent greater chances of employment outside temporary help work over a four-year period. Neither, however, do they suffer from future greater risks of unemployment. While our results, therefore, do not lend empirical support to a stepping-stone function of temporary help employment for the unemployed, they do neither confirm the existence of adverse effects on the future regular employment and unemployment chances of unemployed job seekers. If anything, temporary help work seems to provide an access-to-work function for the unemployed.

National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)

ISBN: 978-0-226-03288-7

JEL-Klassifikation: C31, J40, J62, J64

DOI: 10.3386/w13843