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RWI Positionen #68


Boris Augurzky, Andreas Beivers, Christoph Dodt

Handlungsbedarf trotz Krankenhausstrukturgesetz

Elf Thesen zur Reform der Notfallversorgung

With the new “Krankenhausstrukturgesetz”, policy makers took many steps into the right direction of reforming Germany’s health care system. Nevertheless, especially in regard to providing the set up for a sustainable future emergency care there is a lot still to be done. In eleven claims, this RWI Position points out those areas in which action is most urgently needed. Among these are setting up a clear definition of an emergency case, assuring a higher quality of medical professionals and caring processes, and initiating a specific strand of research on emergency care. In addition, we provide a detailed description of one of the most crucial reform ideas, namely establishing intersectoral emergency care centres (Intersektorale Notfallzentren) in each region.