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Immigration Policy and Danish and German Migration

The aim of this book is to uncover non-Western immigrants' integration and living conditions in Denmark and Germany comparatively. The results are presented by leading labor market and integration researchers as a joint Danish-German research project. The main emphasis is on integration into the labor market. However, a number of other circumstances are also detailed in the exposition. The authors analyze the demographic trends, educational factors, and immigrants' use of the social benefits in Denmark and Germany, all from a comparative perspective. The issue of crime and the effects of immigration on salaries and employment for the host population are also analyzed and discussed. Finally, the book considers the question of the financial sustainability of the welfare state. What impact does immigration have on the public purse, in both the first and subsequent generations?

Bauer, T., C. Larsen und P. Matthiessen (2005), Immigration Policy and Danish and German Migration. In Torben Tranæs und Klaus F. Zimmermann (Hrsg.), Migrants, Work, and the Welfare State. Odense: University Press of Southern Denmark, 31-73.