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I4R Discussion Paper Series #109


Peter Christensen (University of Illinois), Christopher Timmins (Duke University)

Response to "The Many Misspellings of Albuquerque: A Comment"

We thank the authors of this report for their careful re-analysis of our paper, \Sorting or Steering: The E ects of Housing Discrimination on Neighborhood Choice" and the Institute for Replication for supporting this work. In the process of replicating the results published in Christensen and Timmins (2022), Chen et al. raise two concerns and provide an independent set of analyses to address the concerns. In particular, the authors report ndings from two changes to the original analysis: (1) regressions that make use of a variant of the `city' variable that is used throughout the paper as a control, and (2) dropping observations for testers identi ed as `other' (not white, LatinX, or Asian). The authors nd that several of the coecients and standard errors reported in the study are sensitive to these changes. They conclude that while signi cance and magnitude are a ected in certain instances, their re-analysis arms the paper's primary nding of substantial and nuanced housing racial discrimination. This document provides responses to the concerns discussed by Chen et al., additional analysis that addresses the concerns, and a discussion of the implications for the interpretation of ndings in Christensen and Timmins (2022).