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I4R Discussion Paper Series #73


Laura Villalobos (Salisbury University), Jill Caviglia-Harris (Salisbury University), Tharaka Jayalath (University of Saskatchewan)

Replicating: "Playing Politics with Environmental Protection: The Political Economy of Designating Protected Areas"

Mangonnet et al. (2022) examine whether political alignment at the national and sub-national levels explain the spatial designation of Protected Areas (PAs) in Brazil. Their identi cation relies on spatial discontinuities in political alignment across municipalities. They nd that a president-mayor coalition alignment reduces the incidence of PAs by about one percentage point, whereas they nd no party alignment e ects. We were able to reproduce the paper's ndings using the same code and software. Alternative software routines reproduce their results with small and inconsequential numerical di erences. Moreover, robustness replications nd consistent results for one out the two treatments. Finally, we nd no evidence of fabrication of