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acatech IMPULS


Johann-Dietrich Wörner, Christoph M. Schmidt, Stephanie Dachsberger, Gerhard Kussel

Sicherheit, Resilienz und Nachhaltigkeit

Russia’s war on Ukraine and its implications call for a reassessment of the overall geopolitical situation and the challenges that Germany and Europe will have to address over the coming years. An analysis of these challenges makes it clear that the basis of peace and prosperity lies not in national self-interest and autarky, but in strategic sovereignty and international cooperation geared towards achieving security, resilience and sustainability. This acatech IMPULSE publication outlines the new social and economic challenges facing Germany in the medium to long term and formulates policy options for policymakers, businesses, science and civil society. The policy options build on the findings of previous acatech projects. However, in view of the current crisis, these have been augmented by interviews in which experts from science and industry discussed the actions required by the present situation.


ISSN: 2702-7627

DOI: 10.48669/aca_2022-2