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Holger Bonin, Bernhard Boockmann, Tobias Brändle, Julia Bredtmann, Martin Brussig, Gökay Demir, Rebecca Kamb, Hanna Frings, Axel Glemser, Anette Haas, Lisa Sofie Höckel, Simon Huber, Andrea Kirchmann, Johannes Kirsch, Günther Klee, Annabelle Krause-Pilatus, Juliane Kühn, Philipp Kugler, Michel Kusche, Anastasia Maier, Ulf Rinne, Anja Rossen, Tobias Scheu, Katharina Schilling, Christian Teichert, Rüdiger Wapler, Katja Wolf, Anne Zühlke

Begleitevaluation der arbeitsmarktpolitischen Integrationsmaßnahmen für Geflüchtete


This final report presents findings on the implementation, utilization, effects and economic efficiency of labor market integration measures for refugees. It answers the questions of how effective and efficient the central employment measures of SGB II and SGB III are for refugee migrants with regard to their labor market integration and social participation, and which factors, such as language support and individual and local context factors, strengthen or inhibit the effectiveness of the measures. The causal analysis of administrative data is complemented by the examination of survey data and a comprehensive implementation analysis. Finally, policy recommendations derived from the empirical findings provide impulses for designing the organization, processes and framework conditions of labor market integration measures for refugees in such a way that their positive effects can be further enhanced.

Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales (BMAS)

ISSN: 0174-4992

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