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Jochen Kluve, Hanka Boldemann, Eva Weidnitzer

Measuring employment effects of technical cooperation interventions. Some methodological guidelines

Commissioned by the sector project “Employment-oriented development strategies and projects”

These guidelines are the outcome of work within the GIZ sector project “Employment-oriented devel-opment strategies and projects” conducted by the author in cooperation with Hanka Boldemann and Eva Weidnitzer. The first version of the guidelines was published in 2009, the current (2011) version constitutes an updated second edition. The author gratefully acknowledges valuable comments by GIZ colleagues from the head office in Eschborn, GIZ projects/programs in the field, by participants of a working group meeting of GIZ private sector development practitioners of the MENA Region held in Bonn in August 2009, and participants of a seminar presentation at Eschborn in May 2011.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

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