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Oil, Gas, Energy Law Intelligence


Andreas Oberheitmann

Adapting the CDM to China: Structural Changes and Potential

Energy is an important input factor for production and tripled during the past 25 years in China due to the tremendous economic growth in this country. For the future, a further economic growth and energy consumption in China can be expected. The Chinese govern-ment plans to quadruple GDP per capita income by 2020 against the 2000 value. Without any measures, energy consumption would more than quadruple during the next 15 years. The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) could help to decrease energy intensity and re-duce CO2-emissions in China. This paper aims at analysing this emission.

Oberheitmann, A. (2008), Adapting the CDM to China: Structural Changes and Potential. Oil, Gas, Energy Law Intelligence, 1.

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