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Ruhr Economic Papers #1006


Hendrik Schmitz, Beatrice Baaba Tawiah

Life-Cycle Health Effects of Compulsory Schooling

We study the effect of education on health (hospital stays, number of diagnosed conditions, self-rated poor health, and obesity) over the life-cycle in Germany, using compulsory schooling reforms as a source of exogenous variation. Our results suggest a positive correlation of health and education which increases over the life-cycle. We do not, however, find any positive local average treatment effects of an additional year of schooling on health or health care utilization for individuals up to age 79. An exception is obesity, where positive effects of schooling start to be visible around age 60 and become very large in age group 75-79. The results in age group 75-79 need to be interpreted with caution, however, due to small sample size and possible problems of attrition.

ISBN: 978-3-96973-172-7

JEL-Klassifikation: I10, I12, I21

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