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I4R Discussion Paper Series #72


Ryan McWay (University of Minnesota), Karim Nchare (Vanderbilt University), Pu Sun (University of Ottawa)

Replication and Sensitivity Analysis of "Market Access and Quality Up-grading: Evidence from Four Field Experiments": A Comment on Bold et al. (2022b)

Bold et al. (2022b) investigate the effect of providing access to a larger, centralized market where quality is rewarded with a premium on farm productivity and framing incomes from smallholder maize farmers in western Uganda, using a series of randomized experiments and a difference-in-differences approach. We successfully reproduce the results of this study using the publicly provided replication packet. Then test the robustness of these results by re-defining treatment and out come variables, testing for model misspecification and the leverage of outliers, and testing for non-random selection in the Fisher-permutation process. Our results show that the findings in Bold et al. (2022b) are robust to a variety of decisions in the research process. This evokes confidence in the internal validity of the findings.

JEL-Klassifikation: L14, L15, O13, Q12, Z00

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