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Ariadne-Background, Ariadne-Hintergrund


Duncan Edmondson, Christian Flachsland, Nils aus dem Moore, Nicolas Koch, Florian Koller, Henri Gruhl, Johannes Brehm, Sebastian Levi

Assessing Climate Policy Instrument Mix Pathways – An Application to the German Light Duty Vehicle Sector

Bewertung klimapolitischer Instrumentenmix-Pfade – Eine Anwendung auf leichte Nutzfahrzeuge in Deutschland

We introduce and test a novel design and assessment framework for climate policy mix pathways and use it to construct and assess alternative policy pathways offering increased ambition of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) abatement in Germany’s light duty vehicle (LDV) sector. We show that impact assessments of individual instruments and policy mixes require a dynamic design that combines conceptual and empirical work as well as insights from different academic disciplines with views from business, society and policy. The concept provides an analytical framework for further in-depth analyses of future policy mix pathways in additional sectors of the transformation to climate neutrality.

Kopernikus-Projekt Ariadne

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