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Lectures and Teaching

Lectured Talks 2023

Masselus, L., "BSE Summer Forum: Workshop on External Validity, Generalizability and Replicability of Economic Experiments". Barcelona School of Economics. 06.2023

Masselus, L., "European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (EAERE) Annual Conference ". The Cyprus University of Technology. 06.2023

Masselus, L., "Sustainable Energy Transitions Initiative (SETI) - Research event at the EAERE 2023 Annual Conference". The Cyprus University of Technology. 06.2023

Lectured Talks 2022

Masselus, L., "German Development Economics Conference (GDE) ". 06.2022

Masselus, L., "Doctoral Workshop of the Research Group on Development Economics of the German Economic Association". International Security and Development Center. 09.2022

Other Lectures 2022

Masselus, L., "Energy & Development Seminar". Duke University. 11.2022

Lectured Talks 2021

Masselus, L., "IPA and GPRL Methods and Measurement conference". Videokonferenz. 10.2021

Lectured Talks 2020

Masselus, L., "Annual Meeting of the Sustainable Energy Transitions Initiative (SETI)". Videokonferenz. 09.2020

Masselus, L., "4th IZA/FCDO G²LM-LIC ONLINE Research Conference: New Research on Labor Markets in Low-Income Countries". Videokonferenz. 12.2020