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Texts from the Interdisciplinary Institute for Entrepreneurship at the University of Karlsruhe (TH)


Patterns and Determinants of Innovation in the German Craft Sector

Entrepreneurship is a field of research that is related to many other areas, e.g., behavioral sciences, economics, finance, innovation, marketing, and psychology - to mention just a few - and needs permanent interchange with practice. In this respect, the Symposium on the Entrepreneurship-Innovation-Marketing Interface, which was held at the University of Karlsruhe in October 2003, presented an unique opportunity for interdisciplinary and mutual exchange of information, ideas, and results between scientists and practitioners. This volume contains a selection of revised articles from the symposium which have been grouped into the following chapters: Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Opportunities, Entrepreneurial Management, Internationalization & Regional Development, Innovation Dynamics & Entrepreneurial Capabilities, and Entrepreneurial Marketing & Market Entry Behaviour.

Rothgang, M. and L. Trettin (2005), Patterns and Determinants of Innovation in the German Craft Sector. In Reinhold Würth, Wolfgang Gaul and Viktor Jung (Hrsg.), The Entrepreneurship-Innovation-Marketing Interface: Proceedings of the Symposium in Karlsruhe. Künzelsau: Swiridoff, 365-386.