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Lectures and Teaching

Lectured Talks 2021

"lowlands Health Economic Study Group Conference 2021". Videokonferenz. 05.2021

"14th World Congress of the International Health Economics Association (IHEA)". Videokonferenz. 07.2021

Lectured Talks 2020

Werbeck, A., "7. Workshop of the dggö committee "Gesundheitsökonometrie"". Videokonferenz. 11.2020

Lectured Talks 2019

Werbeck, A., "13th RGS Doctoral Conference in Economics ". Technische Universität Dortmund. 02.2019

Werbeck, A., "5th IRDES-Dauphine Workshop on Applied Health Economics and Policy Evaluation ". Le Pavillon du Lac. 06.2019

Werbeck, A., "World Congress on Health Economics (International Health Economics Association) ". Universität Basel. 07.2019

Werbeck, A., "34th Annual Congress of the European Economic Association 72nd European Meeting of the Econometric Society (EEA/ESEM) ". University of Manchester. 08.2019

Lectured Talks 2018

Werbeck, A., "5. Workshop of the dggö committee "Gesundheitsökonometrie"". 11.2018