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Lectures and Teaching

Lectured Talks 2024

Beber, B., "CSAE (Centre for the Study of African Economies) Conference 2024". St. Catherine's College. 03.2024

Beber, B., "Africa Meeting of the Econometric Society". Videokonferenz. 06.2024

Lectured Talks 2023

Beber, B., "German Development Economics Conference (GDE)". Technische Universität Dresden. 06.2023

Beber, B., "European Political Science Association (EPSA) Annual Conference". University of Strathclyde. 06.2023

Beber, B., "VfS Annual Conference 2023". Universität Regensburg. 09.2023

Beber, B., and P., Partey-Anti, "MIASA Policy Conference". Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research, University of Ghana. 11.2023

Other Lectures 2023

Beber, B., "USG Interagency Research Group". Videokonferenz. 03.2023

Beber, B., "Friends of OECD". Videokonferenz. 06.2023

Lectured Talks 2022

Beber, B., "International Migration Research Network (IMISCOE) Annual Conference". Oslo Metropolitan University. 06.2022

Frohnweiler, S., and B., Beber, "Berlin Meetings on the Political Economy of Development (MoPED)". Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung. 06.2022

Other Lectures 2022

Beber, B., "Workshop on Irregular Migration Decisions". Global Migration Data Analysis Centre, International Organization for Migration. 11.2022