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Lectures and Teaching

Lectured Talks 2022

"RGS Doctoral Conference in Economics ". Videokonferenz. 02.2022

Other Lectures 2022

Gonschor, M., "Untangled Conference". 11.2022

Gonschor, M., "DFG-SPP Workshop". Nuremberg Campus of Technology. 10.2022

Lectured Talks 2021

"26th Annual Meeting of the Society of Labor Economists (SOLE)". Videokonferenz. 05.2021

"34th Annual Conference of the European Society for Population Economics (ESPE)". Videokonferenz. 06.2021

"BeNA Labor Economics Workshop". Deutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung. 11.2021

Lectured Talks 2020

"BeNA Labor Economics Workshop". Videokonferenz. 11.2020