RWI Brown Bag Seminar


» Das RWI Brown Bag Seminar ist ein internes Seminar, in dem Wissenschaftler des RWI und der RGS Econ ihre aktuelle Forschung präsentieren. Diese kann sowohl fertige Papiere als auch „work in progress“ umfassen.


Arndt Reichert: Small Cash Rewards for Big Losers: Experimental Insights Into the Fight Against the Obesity Epidemic (10. Februar 2014)

Christoph Kronenberg (University of York): Mental Health Benefits of Work-Related Training (17. April 2014)

Adam Pilny: Does Hospital Reputation Influence the Choice of Hospital? (5. Mai 2014)

Sylvi Rzepka: Local Employer Competition and Training of Workers (14. Mai 2014)

Lea Eilers: Neighborhood Effects and Female Labor Supply (27. Mai 2014)

Tae-hwan Rhee: Crowdsourcing of Economic Forecast: Combination of Forecasts Using Bayesian Model Averaging (16. Oktober 2014)

Felix Irresberger (TU Dortmund): Do you know about deposit insurance? (4. November 2014)


Rüdiger Budde (RWI): Vorstellung der Geo-Daten am FDZ Ruhr (15. Februar 2013)

Roland Döhrn (RWI): Die fiskalischen Kosten der Finanz- und Wirtschaftskrise (4. Juni 2013)

Michael Rothgang (RWI): Causal Impacts of the Funding Instrument Spitzencluster-Wettbewerb (25. November 2013)


Timothy W. Guinanne (Yale University): Incentives that Saved Lives: Self-regulation in German Accident Insurance Berufsgenossenschaften, 1886–1914 (23. März 2012)

Roland Döhrn (RWI): Transportation Data as a Tool for Forecasting Economic Activity: The German Road Pricing System as an Example (22. Juni 2012)

Hanna Frings (RWI): The Wage and Employment Effect of Minimum Wages when Space Matters (28. September 2012)

Marco Pecoraro (University of Neuchâtel): Is There Still a Wage Penalty for Being overeducated but Well-matched in Skills? (2. Oktober 2012)

Christoph Ehlert (RWI): New Software, More Employment? Estimating the Causal Effects of a New Placement Software in German Employment Agencies (22. Oktober 2012)

Marion König (IAB): Forschungsdaten am IAB (21. November 2012)

Simone Schüller (IZA Bonn): The Effects of 9/11 on Attitudes Toward Immigration and the Moderating Role of Education (3. Dezember 2012)


Julia Bredtmann (RWI): Temporary employment in the European Union (31. Januar 2011)

Christoph Ehlert (RWI): Labour market status and health (31. Januar 2011)

Daniel Hamermesh (University of Texas): Beauty Is the Promise of Happiness (21. Februar 2011)

Hanna Kröger (RWI): The Intensive and Extensive Margin of European Labour Supply (9. März 2011)

Roman Mennicken (RWI): Stress on the Ward: Organizational Utilization and Individual Outcomes in Hospitals (18. März 2011)

Peggy David (RWI): Wage Mobility in Europe (23. März 2011)

Daniel Baumgarten (RWI): Unemployment Duration and Search of the Unemployed in Europe (23. März 2011)

Arndt Reichert (RWI): Are Employees at Risk of Layoff Mentally More Ill?The Impact of Fear of Unemployment on Psychological Health (6. April 2011)

Christina Gravert (RWI): The Impact of High-school Course Taking on Choice of College Major – Evidence from a Natural Experiment (10. Juni 2011)

Regina Flake (RGS Econ): Multigenerational Living Arrangements among Migrants: Culture or Economic Need? (8. Juli 2011)

Christoph Strupat (RGS Econ): Television as a Social Network – Effects on Contraceptive Usage in Indonesia (15. August 2011)

Marcus Klemm (RGS Econ): Job Security and Fertility: Evidence from German Reunification (15. August 2011)

Mathias Sinning (Australian National University): Decomposition Analysis for Limited Dependent Variable Models (28. September 2011)


Harald Tauchmann (RWI): Regional Differences in the Efficiency of Health Production: An Artefact of Spatial Dependence? (8. Januar 2010)

Tobias Körner (RGS Econ): Loosening the safety belt: the impact of the abolition of state guarantees on Germany's Landesbanken (29. Januar 2010)

Markus Klemm (RGS Econ): The impact of job insecurity on the saving behavior of different household types in Germany (29. Januar 2010)

Alfredo Paloyo (RGS Econ): Do guns displace books? The impact of compulsory military service on the demand for higher education (29. Januar 2010)

Isabell Imöhl (HS Niederrhein): Prognosegüte von Faktorenmodellen für die Konjunkturentwicklung: Eine ökonometrische Analyse für die Bundesrepublik Deutschland (26. Februar 2010)

Regina Flake (RGS Econ): Neighborhood Effects on Labor Market Outcomes of First- and Second-Generation Migrants in Germany (5. März 2010)

Claudia Burgard (RGS Econ): The Relationship between Further Training and Job Satisfaction (5. März 2010)

Hanna Kröger (RWI): The employment effect of the minimum wage introduction in the German construction sector (19. März 2010)

Christoph M. Schmidt, Roland Döhrn (RWI): Information or Institution – On the Determinants of Forecast Accuracy (30. Aperil 2010)

Katja Görlitz (RWI): Labor supply shocks in the apprenticeship market (11. Mai 2010)

David Kiss (RWI): Are immigrants graded worse in primary and secondary education? Evidence for German schools (17. Mai 2010)

Vivien Procher (RWI): Foreign market entry and exit: Performance dynamics of French Firms (21. Mai 2010)

Peter Grösche (RWI): Die mehrheitsfähige EEG-Umlage (31. Mai 2010)

Tobias Jopp (Universität Hohenheim/RWI): Historical evidence on intergenerational redistribution: German miners' Knappschaft funds, 1867–1920 (25. Juni 2010)

Tobias Körner (RGS Econ): Board Accountability and Risk-Taking in Banking – Evidence from a Quasi-Experiment (2. Juli 2010)

Marcus Klemm (RGS Econ): Children and satisfaction revisited: The impact of child birth on satisfaction, and vice versa (19. Juli 2010)

Daniel Baumgarten (RWI): Exports, wages, and inequality: Evidence from German linked employer-employee data (6. August 2010)

Simeon Vosen (RWI): A monthly consumption indicator for Germany based on internet search query data (20. September 2010)

Jan Sauermann (Maastricht University): The effects of training on own and co-workers productivity: evidence from a field experiment (4. Oktober 2010)

Colin Vance (RWI): Rural Electrification and Fertility – Evidence from Côte d’Ivoire (18. Oktober 2010)

Philipp an de Meulen (RWI): Demographic structure and the security of property rights in developing countries: An empirical exploration (22. November 2010)

Christoph Ehlert (RWI): The effects of consecutive active labour market policy measures in Germany (6. Dezember 2010)


Daniel Baumgarten (RGS Econ): International trade, workforce composition, and worker turnover (16. Januar 2009)

Michaela Trax (RGS Econ): Cross-border M&A and domestic economic activity – First descriptive results based on Amadeus & Zephyr Firm Data (16. Januar 2009)

Marcus Tamm (RWI): The impact of a large parental leave benefit reform on the timing of birth around the day of implementation (30. Januar 2009)

Tobias Körner (RGS Econ): When does state ownership of banks hinder economic growth? (20. Februar 2009)

Alfredo Paloyo (RGS Econ): Copay and feel okay: evidence of illusory health gains from a health insurance reform (20. Februar 2009)

Peggy David (RGS Econ): Cohort wage effects and job mobility (16. März 2009)

Saskia Schmidt (RGS Econ): Meta-study on the effects of minimum wages (16. März 2009)

Katja Görlitz (RWI): The effect of financial grants on continuous training investments of employers (25. März 2009)

Maren Michaelsen (University of Birmingham): Innovation, returns to education and skill-biased technological change in Great Britain (24. April 2009)

Matthias Peistrup, Michael Rothgang und Lutz Trettin (RWI): Der Strukturwandel der Textilindustrie in Deutschland – Welche Rolle spielt die Industrielle Gemeinschaftsforschung (IGF)? (29. Mai 2009)

Mathias Sinning (Australian National University): Neighborhood diversity and the price appreciation of native- and immigrant-owned homes (5. Juni 2009)

Alfredo Paloyo (RGS Econ): The war within: regional effects of military base realignments and closures (26. Juni 2009)

Tobias Körner (RGS Econ): Does board accountability matter in banking? – Evidence from a natural experiment (26. Juni 2009)

Saskia Schmidt (RGS Econ): Union Membership (17. Juli 2009)

Peggy David (RGS Econ): Cohort Wage Effects and Job Mobility (17. Juli 2009)

Daniel Baumgarten (RGS Econ): Offshoring, tasks and the skill wage pattern (17. Juli 2009)

Arndt Reichert (RWI): They try to make me go to rehab and I said yes yes yes (20. August 2009)

Barbara Winter (RWI): The effect of student time allocation on academic achievement (7. September 2009)

von Ubernitz (Icharts): Interaktive Grafiken im Internet (20. November 2009)


Annika Frohloff (RGS Econ): The effect of hospital closure on infant mortality rates: First insights from aggregated data on Californian hospitals (8. Januar 2008)

Oliver Holtemöller (RWTH Aachen): A small estimated structural model for the German business cycle 1975–1998 (11. Januar 2008)

Tobias Zimmermann (RWI): Inflation forecasting with Inflation Sentiment Indicators (15. Februar 2008)

Leilanie Basilio (RGS Econ): Analysing the labor market activity of immigrant families in Germany (7. März 2008)

Mathias Sinning (RWI): Parents and parties: intergenerational transmission of political preferences in Germany (14. März 2008)

Peter Haan (Paris School of Economics und DIW): How can the transfer system affect the working behavior of low skilled men? – Evidence from a dynamic structural life cycle model (28. März 2008)

Christoph Schwierz (RWI): The effect of cream-skimming of patients by insurance status on the financial performance of German hospitals (25. April 2008)

Stefanie Schurer (University of Melbourne): The glass is half full or half empty – Heterogeneity in the impact of health shocks on labour market outcomes (2. Mai 2008)

Johannes Schmider (Columbia University): Hiring policies and labor costs in new establishments (30. Mai 2008)

Lili Yan Ing (Australian National University): Trade expansions, rising skill premium: is it a coincidence? (3. Juni 2008)

Barbara Winter (RWI): Dynamics of assortative mating in Germany (11. Juni 2008)

Tim Guinnane (Yale University): Moral Hazard: eine Analyse der Knappschaften (27. Juni 2008)

Lars Kunze (TU Dortmund): Finanzierung sozialer Sicherung durch Besteuerung von Kapitaleinkommen (4. Juli 2008)

Leilanie Basilio (RGS Econ): The effects of male and female labour activities on household expenditure patterns (6. August 2008)

Vivien Procher (RGS Econ): The decision to enter an exit foreign markets: Evidence from french firms (6. August 2008)

Michelle Tan (Australian National University): The effect of personality on the gender wage gap in Australia (24. Oktober 2008)

Hartmut Westram, Karl-Heinz Herlitschke, Herr Breuer (RWI): Vorstellung der Online-Datenbank LexisNexis (14. November 2008)

Sandra Schaffner (RWI): Fiscal effects of minimum wages: An analysis for Germany (21. November 2008)

Daniela Schwindt (RWI): Vorstellung des neuen Designs des RWI (5. Dezember 2008)


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