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Vorträge Thorben Korfhage

Referierte Vorträge 2018

5th International Conference on Evidence-based Policy in Long-term Care, Wien, 09.2018

European Society for Population Economics 2018, Antwerpen, 06.2018

Sonstige Vorträge 2018

Long-run costs of informal elderly care and implications of long-term care insurance, Athens, USA, 10.2018

Referierte Vorträge 2017

26th European Workshop on Econometrics and Health Economics, Prag, 09.2017

Referierte Vorträge 2016

European Society of Population Economists 2016, Berlin, 06.2016

Winter HESG Meeting, Manchester, 01.2016

Referierte Vorträge 2015

Verein für Socialpolitik 2015, Münster, 09.2015

CINCH Academy - The Essen Summer School in Health Economics 2015, Essen, 06.2015

RGS Doctoral Conference in Economics 2015, Essen, 02.2015

Sonstige Vorträge 2015

Indirect Fiscal Effects of Long-term Care Insurance, Essen, 10.2015

Referierte Vorträge 2014

European Workshop on Econometrics and Health Economics, München, 09.2014