RWI Team

Vorträge Dr. Gunther Bensch

Referierte Vorträge 2018

European Economic Association/Econometric Society 2018, Köln, 08.2018

6th World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists, Göteborg, 06.2018

Sustainable Energy Transition Initiative Annual Meeting, Durham, 05.2018

1st IZA/World Bank/NJD Conferfence on Jobs and Development, Bogota, 05.2018

Sonstige Vorträge 2018

Impact Evaluation in Development and Environmental Economics: A Hands-on Introduction, Mumbai, 07.2018

Kochen gegen den Klimawandel? Feldforschung in den Küchen Afrikas, Essen, 07.2018

Referierte Vorträge 2017

MAER-Net Colloquium 2017, Friedrichshafen, 10.2017

Conference on Causal Inference, Program Evaluation and External Validity, Esch-Sur-Alzette, 07.2017

European Association of Environmental and Resource Economicsts, Athen, 06.2017

Sonstige Vorträge 2017

Lessons learnt on the impacts of electricity access in Senegalese villages through Solar Home Systems and Mini-Grids, Eschborn, 03.2017

Referierte Vorträge 2016

Workshop IFPRI-Forschungsprogramm "The water-energy-food-nexus", Addis Abeba/Äthiopien, 09.2016

Sonstige Vorträge 2016

Impact Evaluation in the Practice of Climate Change Adaptation - Developing a rigorous evaluation design for a GIZ project in Morocco, 10.2016

Subsidies, learning effects and reference dependence – Does free distribution of improved biomass cookstoves decrease willingness to pay in the long run?, Hamburg, 05.2016

Referierte Vorträge 2015

Verein für Socialpolitik 2015, Münster, 09.2015

Annual Conference of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, Helsinki, Finnland, 06.2015

Sonstige Vorträge 2015

The Intensive Margin of Technology Adoption - Experimental Evidence on Improved Cooking Stoves in Rural Senegal, Addis Abeba, 03.2015

Referierte Vorträge 2014

3ie Conference: Making Impact Evaluation Matter, Manila, Philippinen, 09.2014

World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists, Istanbul, Türkei, 06.2014

International Association for Energy Economics, New York, USA, 06.2014

Referierte Vorträge 2013

Poverty Reduction, Equity and Growth Network (PEGNet) Conference 2013, Kopenhagen, 10.2013

Verein für Socialpolitik, Ausschuss für Entwicklungsländer, München, 06.2013

Sonstige Vorträge 2013

Inside the Metrics – An Empirical Comparison of Energy Poverty Indices for Sub-Saharan Countries, Bonn, 10.2013

Referierte Vorträge 2012

Nordic Conference in Development Economics 2012, Göteborg, 06.2012

International Workshop on Empirical Methods in Energy Economics, Berlin, 06.2012

Referierte Vorträge 2011

European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists 2011, Rom, 06.2011

AEL Conference, Berlin, 06.2011

34th International IAEE Conference: Institutions, Efficiency and Evolving Energy Technology, Stockholm, 06.2011

10. Workshop des GEE Student Chapter, Essen, 05.2011

Augustin Cournot Doctoral Days, Strasbourg, 04.2011

RGS Doctoral Conference in Economics 2011, Dortmund, 02.2011

Referierte Vorträge 2010

International Association of Energy Economists 2010, Vilnius, 08.2010

International Conference on Infrastructure Economics and Development, Toulouse, 01.2010

Referierte Vorträge 2009

International Association for Energy Economics, Wien, 09.2009

Referierte Vorträge 2008

International Association of Energy Economists 2008, Istanbul, 06.2008