RWI Team

Vorträge Dr. Andreas Gerster

Referierte Vorträge 2017

15th IAEE European Conference, Wien, 09.2017

European Economic Association/Econometric Society 2017, Lissabon, 08.2017

6th Mannheim Energy Conference, Mannheim, 05.2017

Referierte Vorträge 2016

European Economic Association/Econometric Society 2016, Genf, 08.2016

7th Atlantic Workshop on Energy and Environmental Econmics, Isla de la Toja, 06.2016

European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists 2016, Zürich, 06.2016

5th Mannheim Energy Conference 2016, Mannheim, 05.2016

Spring Meeting of Young Economists, Lissabon, 03.2016

RGS Doctoral Conference in Economics 2016, Bochum, 02.2016

Sonstige Vorträge 2016

The Effect of Electricity Taxation on Firm Competitiveness in the Manufacturing Sector, Mannheim, 09.2016

Workshop "Recent Advances in Economic Theory: Information acquisition and scarce cognitive resources, Bamberg, 03.2016

Referierte Vorträge 2015

European Economic Association 2015, Mannheim, 08.2015

Empirical Methods in Energy Economics (EMEE) 8th Annual Workshop, Maryland, USA, 07.2015

The Second Environmental Protection and Sustainability Forum, Bath, Großbritannien, 04.2015

RGS Doctoral Conference in Economics 2015, Essen, 02.2015